Mag 254 IPTV Box with WiFi &Price

Mag 254 IPTV Box with WiFi

This box runs the Linux operating system. It is a faster unit than the standard MAG250
Latest MAG 254 BOX Multimedia player Internet TV Box IPTV. IPTV/OTT SET-TOP BOX MAG254. The MAG254 is your
IPTV Set-Top Box solution by Infomir, a European manufacturing company. MAG254 offers a faster and more
powerful 650 MHz media processor (STi ?207), additional RAM 512 MB and HDMI 1.4A interface supporting the
highest video resolution. Increased performance allows for resource-intensive applications and more playback
features including 3D Video. Two USB ports of MAG254 provide additional opportunities for end users including
Internet connection. WiFi ready, media content playback from video and photo cameras and other media devices,
recording to an external storage (Flash drive or hard drive). The S/PDIF digital sound output ensures the
highest quality of audio output. subtitling support; audio track choosing.

Mag 254 IPTV Box.
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