SkyStream X4 Android TV Box &Review

SkyStream X4 Android TV Box
SkyStreamX is a new company, so the operation is understandably small. During the tour, Peter actually had to step away to personally help walk a customer through a technical problem. It’s refreshing to see a company take that much of an interest in customer service to have one of the owners get involved. It emphasizes just how much the customer means to the company, and gives it a more personal touch.

SkyStreamX 4 review: pricy and (kind of) fast
While most users of this device praise it for its speed and smooth performance, a group of very vocal owners bash it as a waste of their money, saying the box was sluggish and slow. Extremes are always bad, so it’s best to look at this box objectively and decide for ourselves. To do this, the first thing we have to do is take a look at the specs of this Android Quad-Core box, in our SkyStreamX 4 review:

Custom Interface
Most manufacturers will give you a “blank slate” – a Smart TV box that has just the basic Android OS, and, if you’re lucky, KODI already loaded for you. Anything else you want to use, like Netflix or Hulu Plus, you have to install yourself.
SkyStreamX takes the opposite approach. Not only is the latest (and last) version of KODI pre-installed for you, there are over 50 of the most popular KODI add-ons as well. KODI is also setup and tweaked for the SkyStreamX, which minimalizes your setup time. I have to note, this is not a custom build of KODI or a theme – just a tweaking of settings and cache. Still, its one less step you’ll need to do and helps make the box perform better.As I mentioned before, Peter and Phil’s main goal when they started SkyStreamX was to create an easy to use, plug and play Android Smart TV box. To do that they wanted to have a custom user interface on top of the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.
You may notice something familiar when you look at the SkyStreamX 4’s home screen. There’s a good reason for that. Central Florida is not known for being a mecca for Android developers, but there is one other company that’s local that has had some pretty good success: Matricom, designers of the G-Box Midnight.

SkyStream X4 Quad Core Android TV Box Specs:
* S812 Amlogic A9 Quad Core Neon HD CPU
* Mali450 Octo Core High Performance 3D GPU - Up to 4K!
* 2GB RAM (DDR3)
* 16GB Total Internal Storage
* USB Storage Extendable (Flash Drives/HDD)
* SD Storage Extendable (Up to 32GB!)
* 2.4Ghz/5Ghz WiFi
* HDMI v1.4 video output
* 10/100 Ethernet Port
* Optical Audio Output (Surround Sound)
* Composite Audio/Video Out
* 2x USB 2.0 Ports
* Android 4.4.x KitKat installed
* Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
* Google Play Store installed

As we can see from the specs, we can confirm in our SkyStreamX 4 review that this is a box with quite good connectivity options, decent RAM and powerful processors. You can hook it up to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, and it also has a slot for a regular-sized SD card (not microSD), which you can use to expand your storage.
The included remote, as usual, is somewhat of a disappointment, and it might be the contributing factor to the slowness some users perceive with this box, and the biggest contradiction we found when writing this SkyStreamX 4 review. Remotes that come with these kind of devices often don’t offer the same levels of responsiveness and quality than full-QWERTY wireless HTPC keyboards, so I would recommend getting one if you finally decide to get this box.


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