PANASONIC TX-65DX900E:THX 4K + Ultra HD Premium&Review

PANASONIC TX-65DX900E:THX 4K + Ultra HD Premium&Review

 The UHD TV Panasonic TX-65DX900 is the only screen in the world to receive THX certification 4K Ultra HD Premium and ISF. A showcase of the expertise of the Japanese brand on TV, it adopts powerful video processing to magnify its sumptuous slab VA 10 Bit HDR (native 120Hz). It is also compatible with the color space REC2020 (Wide Colour Spectrum), and can cover almost all of the space DCI. A bombshell !!! Needless to insist on its Full LED Backlight Local Dimming Ultra 500 areas, its refreshing BLS 3000, or Master Studio HCX + processor .... The whole is enhanced by a sumptuous Art & Light design. Finally, this Smart TV Firefox OS can access online content from infinity (VOD including Netflix 4K apps like YouTube, browser ...) and play most audio / video files stored on the network or on a USB key. Who says better ?

The only certified TV Premium Ultra HD, 4K THX and ISF 

The Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic TX-65DX900 is undoubtedly one of the best screens ever created: it is also the only one certified Ultra Premium HD, THX and ISF 4K! True standard of knowledge of the brand, it has a VA panel 10 Bit HDR 165 cm Full LED backlighting with Local Dimming Ultra reinforced (steering of the backlight to 512 zones). This native 120Hz panel is also compatible with the color space REC2020 (Wide Colour Spectrum) can cover almost all of the space DCI and can reach a luminance 1000nits. Really amazing ! The 65DX900 also benefits from the expertise Panasonic shows in color and contrast, for example by integrating engine processing 4K UHD Master Pro Studio and Studio Master HCX +. On this Panasonic TX-65DX900, fluidity is entrusted to process BMR IFC 3000Hz, and the electronics to control Pro Quad Core processor.

Connected TV 2.0 with Wi-Fi compatibility and HEVC

With a free browser, access to social networks (Facebook, Twitter ...), applications (Youtube, Daily ...), the DLNA (for remote access to files stored on a PC / Mac), the dedicated portal Viera Connect, or yet VOD services including Netflix 4K, you will never optimize your sessions as "sofa" !!! Especially since this network opening is facilitated by the presence of a Wi-Fi module. Compatible Wi-Fi Direct, the Panasonic TX-65DX900 allows you to duplicate on your screen the sound or image of your smartphone or Android tablet (from version 4.2). You can also enjoy fashion TV Anywhere, to find on your tablet, the show you were watching. Finally, the media is also part of the strengths of Panasonic 65DX900 with 3 USB ports compatible including MKV, 3D MVC, AVI ... And even HEVC!

An apps store construction

The Panasonic DX-900 is an opportunity to discover version 2.0 of Firefox OS. The interface is simple, but perhaps a little less intuitive than Android TV. The multitude of shortcuts to applications and services, evidenced by bubbles, does not seem to us as efficient as linear menus of the OS Google TV.
Anyway, the Firefox OS universe of this Smart TV suffers the same criticism: the application store is still quite poor. However, the interface shows perfectly smooth and that's really nice. Note that the Ethernet and wireless interfaces used to access various online services including Netflix and YouTube, the only content providers 4K.

premium touch remote control with voice control

To control this, Panasonic provides the TX-65DX900 a premium remote control equipped with a touch pad. This remote control will also allow you to control your TV with the voice! Owners of smartphones and tablets running iOS / Android can also download an application transforming their iDevice / adevice into a real multifunction remote control! Ultra complete, this 4K LED TV Panasonic 65DX900 embeds the Bluetooth to connect a keyboard or mouse, which will facilitate web browsing. Finish with the info bar very significant that if you like, displays notifications, messages and key information when you approach the TV to standby. Side connections, we mainly appreciate the integration of 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.2 compatibility and 4K / 60p. The Panasonic TX-65DX900 is undoubtedly the most advanced 4K TV of the moment!

Price:4899,90 €

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