ZIDOO X9S TV Box Supports 4K+3D And Run ADNROID 6.0 &Review

The ZIDOO X9S features a RTD1295 processor, is one of the first Realtek RTD1295 based TV boxes coming to market.
fully supporting Premium 4K UHD contents with a powerful 64bit CPU and Mali-T820 GPU combination in place to handle 4K graphics and offers strikingly realistic pictures.It supports a wider color spectrum (BT.2020) and a 10-bit color,amounting to 1.06 billion colors, instead of the 16 million offered by older 8-bit color technologies, therefore,the gradations between shades and different tones on onscreen content present a far greater degree of realism.
The ZIDOO X9S is based on ADNROID 6.0, supporting built-in applications such as GOOGLE PLAY, KODI, YouTube, Netflix, Skype and many more.
A great box with fantastic compatibilities to meet the most demanding entertainment expectations!

 HDMI 2.0a
HDMI 2.0a interface supporting HDR transmition.
HDMI 2.0a added HDR(High-Dynamic Range) support based on HDMI 2.0. HDR provided far more detail of picture and expands the dynamic range, to get a true vision effect.Additionally,
ZIDOO X9S supports both decoding and encoding of 4K@60P HEVC(h.265)10bit.

Zidoo 3D
ZIDOO X9S comes built in with the powerful ZIDOO media player,which supports 3D MVC frame packing (Blue Ray, MKV), 3D subtitle (PGS, external), 3D depth of field (DOF),
specifying playback time period, selection of multiple slide lights and versions,adjustment of subtitles (colour, time-delay, location, coded format) and real 23.976 fps.
X9S adopt the standard OMX decode method so as to be compatible with KODI better,
the users can smoothly enjoy abundant Add-ons

The first boot is relatively fast, and ends on the home page Zidoo whose design is very successful hit. The interface is in default 1080p resolution and is adjustable via Android menus, it is extremely fluid and menus are well thought out. The connection to the WiFi goes well, as usual subject to having a USB keyboard on hand to enter the security key. An icon indicates the connection status on the main page, which is useful for checking the first glance. No problem either to connect via Ethernet. Network performance is tested with iperf, the test results are surprisingly low for WiFi. These results are not consistent with other tests such as the speed of file transfer or streaming with Kodi, which seems rather indicate a problem with iperf.
Access to Google Play goes well to install your favorite applications. Zidoo also offers access to apptoide. By Candy Crush against playing without touch screen proves just lending impossible.

Zidoo offers an Android application to control the X9 from a mobile. This application is against that downloadable from the link provided from the launcher, it is not available on Google Play. This application allows all the operations of the physical remote control, but it replaces more keyboard and mouse, the experience is not perfect, including the questionable accuracy of the mouse control, but it works. It also lacks the ability to turn on and off the device from the Android app.


Kodi 14.1 Helix is pre-installed, it is a modified version Zidoo to turn on the X9. It falls on the basis of skin confluence. Access to repo Kodi PVR and SuperRepo are preconfigured, but they do not seem to function with the default installation. Kodi navigating with the remote control only does not do everything, for certain operations, a keyboard is required. We recommend using a Kodi control app from a smartphone as Yatsee, which makes browsing much more enjoyable. Coté choosing a skin, it easily passes on aeon-nox, but other skin we tested do not always install the first time.

Tests Video
For media access, the hard drive is not listed by Kodi automatically, go look for it in the Android tree (in / mnt / usb) which can be complicated for beginners, but in the end the disk access is good. Access to a network share or NAS is also no problem. Video tests generally happen very well. If we put next to no automatic frame change rate, which may pose a problem for sources in native frequencies (23.976 and 59 940), the Zidoo supports all formats and is doing well with the ultra-high resolution and the HEVC. The only codec that is the problem Hi10, useful for Anime often encoded in this format.
Tech specs

  • CPU:Realtek RTD1295DD
  • DDR:2GB
  • eMMC:16GB
  • USB:USB3.0*1,USB2.0*2
  • SATA:SATA 3.0
  • Antenna:External double antenna
  • Material:Space Aluminium
  • WiFi:802.11ac;2.4GHz,5.8GHz
  • Price:$149.99

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